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Anniversary 41, Mark & Myriam 05/09/2011

By Gerry Cowie

Forty one years ago today
Two families performed a merge;
Sweet music was heard upon that day,
For angels cannot sing a dirge!

Mark Anthony Cassar Torreggiani
Said to Myriam Bellizzi:- “I take thee
“To be my wife for ever and ever;
“Since you are a teacher you must be so clever!”

Their guests – around three hundred – witnessed the match;
For Myriam Bellizzi was quite a catch!
And after their nuptials were complete
They hopped across the road in order to eat.

To think one day, by Mark’s psychic perception,
They would live in the villa where they had their reception!
And Myriam would look after Mark so well;
He only had to call from the top floor:- “Belle!”

And children there came, one, two and three:-
Julian, Jeremy and Conrad CT;
English Gerry appeared from nowhere one day,
Another gift from God who never seems to have gone away!

So, the family grew, grandchildren Mary and Seb
Whose photos Nana sent all over the web.
And to think it has now been forty one years, you know,
Since Myriam said “Yes” and Mark did not say “No”!

Poetry by Gerry Cowie

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No “Add Features to Windows 8.1”? Here’s the Media Pack (Finally!)

For those unfortunate souls who have installed the Windows 8.1 Pro N (or Windows 8.1  N) version such as myself, finally a solution is in sight.

After all the instructions which told you to click/swipe “Search”, write “add features”, which then gave you ‘Add Features to Windows 8.1’, which only lead back to the SAME instructions by Microsoft…

Attempting to install the Media Pack for Win8 would not work (it’s incompatible!).


Finally there is a link to the actual Media Pack for 8.1. Get it while it’s free.

Download Media Pack for 8.1N from Microsoft



RSS – The Glue of Web 2.0

I like to call RSS the “Glue” of Web 2.0.

The origins of RSS take us back in time when both Microsoft and Netscape looked at the web as a static entity that could be catalogued, defined and fixed in “channels” (eg Microsoft’s Channel Definition Format – CDF). Traces of the “channel” terminology can still be found in the RSS protocol.
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