Importance of having a Website, the Web 2.0 version

A website today is essential to market your business and ideas. Practically everyone has Internet access these days so you can reach many many people. If you have a message, you can send it out through your website.

There is a lot of competition however and people can easily leave your site (especially if it’s overbloated with slow loading Flash) and go elsewhere. Slow loading sites are now being penalized by Google, so now this is even more crucial.
Web usability is essential and interoperation with Web Standards cannot be ignored. Your website must be tested with different operating systems and browsers.

Nowadays practically everyone uses Facebook and other social networks, so it is important to connect your site to these networks as they are quickly becoming the way people find your site. This has become an important part of optimizing your site besides the classical search engine optimization process. Who better can optimize your site but someone who has written their own search engine, after all?