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The charter of alt.culture.malta describes what the moderated Maltese newsgroup is for. The topic is anything related to Malta, anything Maltese, or the Maltese islands. It may be used for URL announcements of Maltese websites. So this is another good place where to submit a message describing your new Maltese web page. The newsgroup is moderated. The alt.culture.malta web page can be found at the URL To get more information on Maltese WWW sites, other resources such as mailing lists, and more general information on Malta, you might visit Malta Network Resources. Try the official alt.culture.malta newsgroup archive

Newsgroup Description alt.culture.malta (moderated) Malta and the Maltese.

Moderator submission address:

alt-culture-malta @ domain address (see below for the domain)

Moderator direct contact address:

cmeli @ domain address (see below for the domain)


Moderation Policy

Messages posted to alt.culture.malta should be related to Malta or the Maltese in some way. Some civil and informal unrelated discussion is allowed among regular or new posters, otherwise messages must be on topic and courteous to the regular and new posters.

Off topic messages as specified above, should be introduced “Off topic:” or “OT:” in the subject header. ECP/EMP and binaries, Make money fast schedules, sex advertisements are explicitly not allowed. Maltese URL announcements are allowed. Personals should be sent to a different newsgroup, soc.personals which exists for that purpose.

One copy of all messages will be posted to alt.culture.malta only after being approved by the moderator at the submission address alt-culture-malta @ domain address (see below for the domain), and will be also be posted on the SCMALTA-L mailing list.

There is a upper limit on the number of newsgroups one may crosspost to including alt.culture.malta, this number is 5.

It is HIGHLY ADVISED that posters send their message directly by email to alt-culture-malta @ domain address (see below for the domain), for moderation, rather than posting directly from USENET to this newsgroup. This will speed up the time your message will appear in this newsgroup.

After submission,if the article has not been posted yet,you may contact the moderator (see email above) and request a STOP POST on your article, hoping you reached me on time. Once posted the only thing that can be done is the issuing of a cancellation. I cannot guarantee that it has not been posted on servers, or added to any archive servers on the Internet. Everything will be done as time permits, and no guarantees are made.

Messages that are not approved will be returned to the sender as far as possible, with an automatic response as far as possible, occasionally noting why it did not meet with approval, and offering suggestions.

Once returned to the sender, the moderator’s decisions are final, but you may resubmit your messages for reconsideration, with appropriate changes made. The moderator is not responsible for any articles lost while being transmitted over the Internet, therefore you should keep a copy of any submitted messages. Copyrighted material submitted that is keeping with fair use provisions of copyright laws is permissible so long as it is informative, educational and related to Malta or Maltese.

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