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The Avengers

The Avengers was a tongue-in-cheek spy/action/sci-fi series produced in England way back in the 1960's, starring Patrick MacNee as Agent John Steed, Honor Blackman (who later played Pussy Galore in the film version of Ian Fleming's James Bond novel 'Goldfinger') as Catherine Gale, Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel (Emma Peel) and Linda Thorson as Tara King. The most popular seasons of the show were 4 and 5, with Diana Rigg, even though they were filmed in B/W.

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The Avengers (1998) on DVD. The Avengers was filmed by Associated British Studios and is copyrighted by UGC and/or Canal Plus or whoever owns the respective rights. This is a fan-maintained site, whose only purpose is to promote interest in The Avengers.


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